How the Government Regulates International Marriage Brokers

It’s happened to most of us. We meet someone, are instantly attracted to them, and start dating them. Eventually, they start showing a side that makes us uncomfortable or even afraid, so we end the relationship, thankful that we did so before marriage and children made the separation more difficult. It’s not that easy when you move to another country to be with that person. For years, the United States struggled Read More

Immigration and Divorce: How an I-751 Waiver Can Keep You in America

Every year, thousands of newcomers travel to the US to marry a citizen or lawful permanent resident. After a successful application for permanent resident status, they receive a conditional two-year conditional lawful permanent resident status, otherwise known as a  “green card”. To lift the conditions and get a 10-year “permanent” green card, the Marriage Fraud Amendments of 1986 requires them to file a joint I-751 Read More

Providing Financial Documents to Your Attorney During Your Divorce.

Why does your attorney ask you for so many financial documents at the beginning of your case? Do you need to provide those documents, and do you have to do it now? The only answer is “yes”. It may be stressful now, but your attorney is actually doing you a favor.  The stress of divorce is caused in part, by trying to get everyone to do what they are supposed to do. Your attorney knows that things can get easier Read More

5 Ways Domestic Violence Can Be More Than Physical

Domestic violence is commonly perceived as physical acts, such as punching, shoving, or slapping one’s intimate partner. It can also involve emotional and psychological manipulation so intense that the victims constantly live in fear. Non-physical domestic violence can be difficult to recognize for what it is: one person’s attempts to control another. If you grew up in a household where you were shouted at one Read More

5 Steps to Becoming a US Citizen

You’ve been a green card holder for a while, and you are now prepared to take your immigration status to the next step and become a US citizen. Congratulations! Not only are you affirming your dedication to your new home, but you also enjoy benefits that are only available to those who are citizens through birth or naturalization, such as: The right to vote and hold public office Eligibility to apply for Read More

Denials of Immigration Applications Rising

People put a lot of effort, time, and money into applying for citizenship, permanent residence, and other immigration benefits because job opportunities, education, safety, and financial stability are sometimes more available in the United States. Despite our country’s reputation as the world’s “melting pot” where many different cultures come together, the rules for the immigration process can vary greatly with each Read More

The Difference Between Citizenship and Permanent Residence Explained

Both US citizens and lawful permanent residents enjoy the right to live and work in the United States, but the statuses aren’t identical. In this blog, we’ll explain the differences between the two. In most cases, those who immigrate to the US become permanent residents first. They receive a permanent resident card, more commonly known as a green card, that they can use to apply for employment, and Social Security Read More

4 Steps to Obtaining a Restraining Order in Washington State

It’s difficult enough when a relationship deteriorates, but when someone who once claimed to love you is also hurting or threatening to hurt you, the fear can be overwhelming. What can you do to keep yourself and your children safe as you leave that person and seek custody? In Washington state, there are different types of protective orders available, one of which is a restraining order. It is usually filed during Read More

Protection Orders

People rarely think about protection orders until they need one. Did you know there are five different civil protection orders available in King County? The different protection orders are: domestic violence, anti-harassment, sexual assault, vulnerable adults, and stalking. These orders are all different and can only be granted in specific circumstances. The petitioner (person that asks for the order of protection) Read More

Immigration Law: The Affidavit of Support

When petitioning a family member for lawful permanent residence in the US, you must complete an Affidavit of Support, also known as Form I-864. This document is a legally binding and enforceable contract between these parties: The sponsor The sponsored family member The federal government and your state and local governments Any government agency providing income-based public benefits to the sponsored Read More