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One Risk You Shouldn’t Take - Katrina S. Zafiro

One Risk You Shouldn’t Take

You will expose yourself to a considerable amount of risk if you do not seek legal counsel for your immigration case. Are you required by law to get an attorney? No, you’re not. All that means is that it is your choice about how much you are willing to gamble with your future. 

When Should I Seek Out An Attorney?

Before you can understand how an immigration attorney can help, you must know under what circumstances to get one. Consider hiring a lawyer if you are worried about being inadmissible to receive a visa or green card. The following are examples of why someone would be classified as inadmissible—but each can be overcome with a waiver:

  1. Having a communicable disease
  2. Having a mental disorder
  3. Having been convicted of a crime (involving moral turpitude) or have several criminal convictions
  4. Having violated U.S. immigration laws

Obtaining a waiver is a second chance for you. If you believe you are inadmissible, talk to an attorney. She will advise you on the best path forward. Here are some other issues an attorney can help you with:

  1. Deportation proceedings have been brought against you
  2. You already have been deported and wish to return
  3. Or you just need assistance with the application process

Why Should I Choose To Hire An Attorney?

Not only is this a shortened list of some of the issues an attorney can help you to navigate, but there is an even longer list of reasons why an application can be rejected:

  1. Forms being incomplete
  2. A missing signature 
  3. An application being filed incorrectly

Your lawyer is there to represent your interests. More importantly, she does not work for the U.S. immigration authorities. This is someone who completes your forms and applications correctly, on time, and then sends them to the proper people. 

This is likely the first time you are filling out these forms—but that is not going to be the case for an experienced attorney. Stack the odds in your favor and choose an attorney who won’t jeopardize your future by making a mistake due to inexperience (like you have). 

Here’s another thing to consider: a rejected application is not the end. The right attorney can review the rejection letter and understand why the application was not approved. Without that level of insight, you will not know how to proceed. 

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is capable of making mistakes. But how would you know if your rejected application was due to an error they made? Has your issue become a matter of litigation? 

Immigration law attorneys are experienced professionals who deal with issues like yours for a living. Let someone represent you and your interests. It is an investment in your future. 

Zafiro Law

Choose to work with an attorney who is as invested in your future as you are. At Zafiro Law, we can help you navigate the complexity of immigration law. Contact us online to schedule a consultation. We can also be reached at (206) 547-9906.

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