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Anonymous - Katrina S. Zafiro


It will be difficult to list everything that is so great about Katrina in under 4000 characters, but I will do my best.

Katrina has protected me for over a year from my ex-wife who has defrauded me into marrying her in order to obtain immigration benefits. My ex began cheating just 6 months after our wedding. We were only married for 11 months. Once I filed for an annulment, in order to stay in the U.S. my ex wife attempted to frame me for domestic violence to exploit the VAWA I-751 waiver loophole and remove her 2 year conditional residence status, with intent to continue exploiting me financially by relentlessly perjuring herself in court. My ex had incredibly wealthy parents and they have hired the most expensive attorney they could find.

This case went to trial and lasted longer than the duration of our marriage. My ex and her counsel were merciless in their attacks.

During this time I was an emotional wreck. Katrina’s kindness and compassion, combined with her stellar communication and response times was the one thing that has kept me sane. Unlike other attorneys, you can talk to Katrina any time. You can ask her anything. You will get a detailed response almost immediately.

Her documentation is the most detailed I have ever seen. She remembers everything you tell her and uses it to protect you. Her document organization and technical skills are top-notch. Her knowledge of the law, including obscure case law, is a weapon your opponent should be very afraid of. She is always on time, meeting every deadline, and she will make every attempt at saving you money on litigation. She and her assistants are incredibly resourceful in discovering hidden information and assets. She has a hawk’s eye for spotting inconsistencies and lies in her opponent’s testimonies.

What was the end result of my case when we went to trial in front of a King County Superior Court Judge? WE WON. Plain and simple. We won, and I was awarded thousands of dollars. Katrina’s attention to detail and clarity in explaining the important points to the court have prevented my ex from ruining my life.

I am forever indebted to Katrina for protecting me from the false allegations of my ex, for protecting my career and my future and for exposing the truth. But most importantly, I am incredibly grateful to her for providing me with peace of mind in what I can only describe as the darkest time of my life. Her genuine compassion from the beginning and until the very end was the thing that helped me keep my head up and eventually come out on top.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!

AnonymousJuly 30, 2015