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Jennifer - Katrina S. Zafiro


I hired Katrina to represent me in a prenuptial agreement that, mercifully, my fiance dropped after the first draft. But I was fully confident that Katrina would see to it that the agreement included everything that was due to me. She closely read and thoughtfully responded to the draft my fiance’s attorney submitted, patiently consulted with me when it was most convenient for me, and was so encouraging in our meetings that it was often therapeutic. She helped to redeem a brief but miserable process; I expect I’ll look back on this month-long interval a few months ahead of my wedding and remember how supportive–even thoughtful– Katrina was. My fiance was acquainted with his attorney previously and, though they had a good rapport, he grew to “hate” (his word) his attorney’s merciless approach to me/my best interest. Katrina, on the other hand, was respectful and reasonable in regard to the opposing party.

What other good things can I say?: Her rate is competitive. She communicated clearly with me. She was accessible, prompt, and thorough in responding to me and the other party. She used her expertise to fully advocate for me. I can’t recommend her more highly.

JenniferMay 16, 2017