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Four Steps to Take When You Are Served with Divorce Papers - Katrina S. Zafiro

Four Steps to Take When You Are Served with Divorce Papers

Divorce proceedings officially kick off when you or your spouse are served with divorce papers. If you’re the one getting served, whether you knew it was coming or it comes as a surprise, this can be a very emotional moment. However, it is important to take action quickly to protect your rights and safeguard your future. Here are the steps you need to take after being serve with divorce papers:

  1. Review the documents.

It is important that you understand what these divorce documents actually contain. One thing you will find is information about the court in which the action has been brought. You will also find details about the timeline going forward, including how long you have to reply. You will also be able to tell if your spouse has hired an attorney or is filing on his or her own. Other things the documents may include are your spouse’s requests regarding property division, support amounts, parenting plan,  etc.

  1. Lawyer up!

Even if you don’t anticipate a contentious divorce, it is important to hire a divorce attorney. Your lawyer can keep you informed about what to expect based on the circumstances surrounding your situation. They can help you understand your rights and protect them in family court if necessary. When it comes to hiring a lawyer, the sooner the better.

  1. Respond in a timely manner.

Respond within the allotted time. You usually have 20 days from the date you were served, but you should make sure this is the case and respond sooner if necessary. If you do not respond in time, it can lead to your spouse receiving everything he or she requested in the petition, which might be more than their fair share, because you will be effectively forfeiting your rights and legal arguments..

We know it’s a lot of pressure, but your attorney can help you file your answer. It will involve a response to each numbered declaration individually.

  1. Safeguard your assets.

Your lawyer can help you protect your assets. Keep in mind that this is different from concealing assets, which is illegal and can lead to charges of perjury. Your attorney can help you safeguard your accounts in a safe, legal manner.

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