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Blog - Katrina S. Zafiro

One Risk You Shouldn’t Take

You will expose yourself to a considerable amount of risk if you do not seek legal counsel for your immigration case. Are you required by law to get an attorney? No, you’re not. All that means is that it is your choice about how much you are willing to gamble with your future.  When Should I Seek Out An Attorney? Before you can understand how an immigration attorney can help, you must know under what Read More

What Happens To A Green Card During A Divorce?

Divorce is an emotionally devastating event in your life. People process it through stages like they do when they are grieving. Some of the foundational elements of your life have been uprooted, and you are confused, worried, and scared about how to move forward.  Some people, sadly, are simply in bad marriages and are eager to start a new life as an individual. These people can often feel trapped. As much as they Read More

Blending a Family? 5 Tips for a Smooth Transition!

It is becoming increasingly common for a family to be made up not just of a mom, dad, and children, but rather a blended family involving stepparents and stepsiblings. If you and your significant other each have children from previous relationships and you are thinking about moving in together, or even getting married, you will need to do everything you can to ensure a smooth transition. While every blended family Read More

Knowing Your Rights if ICE is Knocking on Your Door

For millions of people throughout the country, a knock at the door from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is a great source of anxiety. No matter the legal status of you or your loved ones, your rights are protected should this occur. You must, however, have at least a basic understanding of what your rights are in order to exercise them. So, if you ever have an ICE agent knocking at your door, keep the Read More

Co-Parenting Tips That Your Kids Will Love You For

When the court ordered your final decree of divorce, the legal relationship between you and your ex ended. However, if you have children together, you will remain in each other’s lives at least until the children become adults and even for a while afterwards. Good co-parenting puts both of you on the same team, even if your marriage did not end on the best of terms. You need to let a difficult history stay where Read More

Can I Force My Child to Follow the Parenting Plan/ Visitation Schedule?

Many parents struggle trying to convince their child to visit the other parent per their parenting plan or residential schedule.  For example, it is the other parent’s turn to have the child for the weekend, but the child refuses to go. The older the children, the harder it is to make them comply with the residential schedule if they don’t want to. While you as a parent may understand the consequences of not Read More

What is the Difference Between Annulment, Divorce, and Legal Separation?

The decision to end a marriage is always a difficult and personal decision, and the decision on how to legally end the marriage can be almost as difficult. You know about divorce, and have probably heard about annulment and legal separation, but how do you know which option is best for your circumstances?  Annulment, divorce, and legal separation are all very different ways to end a marriage, so we will begin by Read More

Social Media and Divorce

Social media has become a constant companion to most people, and it's tricky to navigate even during the best of times. How does your relationship with social media change when divorce or other legal struggles are imminent or ongoing?   Precautions In Family Law: Social Media Evidence In Divorce Cases, The National Law Review states that “66% of cases involving divorce employ Facebook as one of their principal Read More

What Should I Include in My Parenting Plan Proposal?

In any family law case that involves minor children, both parties should submit their proposed parenting plan. This is your proposal to the court and the other party on what you want the parenting plan to be.  Like any other pleading, this is a very important document and should be drafted carefully and submitted at the right time.  A parenting plan basically lays down the residential schedule of a child and Read More

Picking Witnesses for Your Trial

While we think it is always best if both parties reach a settlement and do not need to go to trial, this does not happen in every case.    When you file your family law case in a King County, Washington Superior Court, the court automatically issues an order setting the deadlines in your case, more commonly known as a “case schedule”.  It is very important to follow all the deadlines in your case schedule.  One of Read More