5 Tips for Creating a Strong Parenting Plan

So far, you and your spouse have been able to work through your divorce with dignity and respect. You don’t need spousal support and you’ve agreed on how to divide all marital property. When it’s time to create a parenting plan, however, things change. Instead of feeling generous and cooperative, you’re now worried, anxious, and even protective. You don’t want to use terms like “sharing” and “visitation” when it Read More

Community Property: Yours vs. Ours

Getting divorced can be a very stressful time, and trying to separate belongings and finances combined for years – or even decades – can make things more difficult. When one spouse tries to come away with more than is considered their share, things can get messy. How do you know what you are entitled to? What is your property and what is considered “community property?” Understanding the legal idea of community Read More

What You Need to Know About Immediate Relative Immigrant Visas

Albert Einstein once encouraged people to “rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life.” It’s a wonderful concept, but sometimes life takes us miles away from those we love. Perhaps you came to the US on an employment-based visa to occupy a vacant executive position at your employer’s US subsidiary. You enjoyed the work, made close friends among your colleagues and neighbors, and finally adjusted your Read More

Do I Need a Consultation Appointment?

We get this question a lot, and for good reason. You work hard for your money, and you don’t want to just give it away! You have one simple question, so why can’t it be answered by e-mail? The truth is that the law involves more interpretation and strategy than you may realize. Your question may seem simple, but in reality, an Attorney may need to ask you several follow up questions in order to figure out which laws Read More

Taking Care of Yourself: 5 Tips for a Happy Post-Divorce Life

Divorce changes your life. You now run your own household and manage your own finances. Your parenting arrangement with your former spouse consists of scheduled pick-ups and drop-offs, which can add more chaos to your already-busy life. If you weren’t working before the divorce, you likely have to now, which creates a new and different situation for you and the children. While you can’t do anything about these Read More

USCIS Changes Form I-751 Interview Waiver Guidance

On November 30th of last year, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) released a policy memorandum to guide its representatives on when they may waive the interview requirement for Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence. It took effect on December 10th and applies to all applicable petitions received on or after that date. What is a Conditional Permanent Resident? A Read More

A Brief Q&A on Post-Marital Agreements

In the past, pre- and post-marital agreements (also known as postnuptial agreements) were primarily associated with people from high financial backgrounds. Today, couples from virtually all walks of life turn to these agreements for mutual protection in the event of a divorce. While many people have heard of prenuptial agreements, a postnuptial agreement can also be beneficial to newlyweds (and no, there’s no stigma Read More

What You Need to Know About Immediate Relative Immigrant Visas

If you are a U.S citizen and have a close, family member who wants to immigrate to the U.S., an Immediate Relative Immigrant visa may come in handy. The idea is basically to unite family members who are separated by country. Here is everything you need to know about immediate relative immigrant visas.   What are Immediate Relative Immigrant Visas? The immediate relative visa is a type of visa designed Read More

“How Much Will My Family Law Case Cost?”

When it comes to family law matters, there is nothing more important than how you choose your legal representatives. Indeed, it has been proven time and again that investing in a good lawyer can significantly alter the outcome of your case in your favor. As far as investing in a family law case goes, the most common expenses for going through the court process include fees for hiring lawyers, agents, and process Read More

Do You Really Need an Attorney for Immigration?

We get this question a lot and we understand why it is asked. Surely, immigration law is not rocket science and there are lots of instructions on the internet showing anyone how to do this, so why should you have an attorney? We concede that immigration law is not rocket science and yes, there are numerous websites purporting to show how to do your immigration application yourself. However, immigration law is Read More