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When you work with Zafiro Law, you get a dedicated and diligent attorney who treats you and your case with honesty, integrity, and passion. I am committed to being an effective advocate for your family and immigration law needs.

Below are testimonials submitted by some of my former clients. To discuss what I can do for you, call 206-547-9906 today.

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From the first time I met Katrina she was extremely supportive and easy to communicate with. I have known and worked with her for over five years on my immigration case all the way up to receiving my citizenship as well as family law. She is professional and highly skilled !! If I had to it all over again there’s no one I would recommend other than Katrina without any hesitation.

Mulugeta Berhanu

Her crystal-clear instructions and very strong professional knowledge provided me a great deal of confidence while progressing through my case. She doesn’t waste time, always sticks to the point, and her fast-paced working style results in accomplishing tasks in a very efficient manner.
I highly recommend her to be your immigration attorney. You will not regret your decision to work with her.

Victoria Wu

Katrina and I have worked together on several legal issues. She is professional and hard-working. I truly value Katrina’s insight and depth of knowledge.

Lori GuevaraAugust 5, 2009

I have referred a few clients to Katrina and she has done an excellent job helping them with their immigration problems. They have all been appreciative of her help. And she is a knowledgeable attorney.

Brent BohanFebruary 12, 2013McKinley Irvin

I have been a mediator on three cases now where Katrina was an attorney representing one of the parties involved. She produces some of the most thorough materials I get as a mediator and it speaks volumes about how well prepared she is for trial. This level of preparation conveys to the other side what they are in for if they do not settle, and thus she is a tough negotiator. Katrina treats her clients extremely well, and is always professional in her demeanor, which is an asset in family law proceedings, where emotions can often ruin a case’s chances of being successfully mediated without having to go to trial. Thus I endorse Katrina without reservation.

Amir John ShowraiFebruary 26, 2014Wechsler Becker, LLP

Katrina is an excellent lawyer. I’ve known Katrina for several years and have referred both immigration and family clients to her, and they have all been very happy with her work. For several years, Katrina and I have also been members of a family law consulting group, lawyers who get together to discuss (without names) family law cases, solutions, and strategies. Katrina has always been a stellar contributor to this group, and is highly valued by her colleagues. I endorse Katrina wholeheartedly and will continue to refer cases to her.

Sharon BlackfordJune 10, 2014Law Office of Sharon Blackford

I have known Katrina for around 13 years, and as a lawyer for 9 of these. Katrina has an in-depth, detailed knowledge of her practice areas, and has the utmost integrity. I refer clients to her without hesitation.

Julia YoungsJune 13, 2014Selden & Youngs PLLC

Katrina is a fantastic attorney. She is competent and easy to work with. I practice exclusively family law and whenever I have an immigration issue arise, I am happy to refer the case to her. I highly recommend her.

Janel OstremJuly 9, 2014Seattle Divorce Services

Katrina is a great attorney. She is very knowledgeable and cares about her clients. I would not hesitate to recommend her for legal representation.

Robert JaeggliMay 14, 2015Alta Law Group

Katrina represented an opposing party in a difficult family law matter. She was hard working, competent, and professional. I endorse her work in both family law as well as immigration law.

Jonathan HiltySeptember 3, 2015Socius Law Group

I was in a pickle, in an abusive relationship I did not know how to get out of as I could not anticipate what his retaliation would look like when I filed. She gave me an hour consultation and lots of info including info and understanding more of the abuse. I had confidence in her but ended up going with an attorney in the county in which I lived, but I definitely would recommend her based on her confidence and competence that was apparent, and her generosity to meet with me for a very valuable hour.

AnonymousMarch 6, 2013

Katrina is an exceptional professional immigration lawyer! We are the first gay couple in her career and we are very grateful for her responsiveness and precision! She is very polite, attentive and great professional! We recommend Katrina and thanks from the heart!

AnonymousApril 2, 2014

I work very hard by taking care of America’s elderly and I am going to school to improve my life. I feel like I deserve to stay in America, and Katrina helped make it possible in times when I did not understand how to stay here. She was able to utilize and arrange information in a meaningful manner that was beneficial to my cause.

J-TApril 13, 2014

I highly recommend Ms. Katrina Zafiro as a professional, highly competent lawyer. Katrina took my case with a big heart. She took a personal interest in my divorce case even though it was quite complicated. She did lots of thorough research and viewed the case from different perspectives. Her honesty and integrity are admirable. She asks tough questions of both sides to get complete answers. Our entire family has a high regard for her because she was always very professional and yet very warm and personable as well. We highly recommend Katrina for anyone looking for an excellent, hardworking lawyer whom you can trust and depend on. She keeps you well informed throughout the process, always does her work thoroughly and ahead of schedule, and is thoroughly prepared for all court appearances. If anyone in my extended family should ever need a lawyer again, we will all call on Katrina.

AnonymousMay 11, 2015

It will be difficult to list everything that is so great about Katrina in under 4000 characters, but I will do my best.

Katrina has protected me for over a year from my ex-wife who has defrauded me into marrying her in order to obtain immigration benefits. My ex began cheating just 6 months after our wedding. We were only married for 11 months. Once I filed for an annulment, in order to stay in the U.S. my ex wife attempted to frame me for domestic violence to exploit the VAWA I-751 waiver loophole and remove her 2 year conditional residence status, with intent to continue exploiting me financially by relentlessly perjuring herself in court. My ex had incredibly wealthy parents and they have hired the most expensive attorney they could find.

This case went to trial and lasted longer than the duration of our marriage. My ex and her counsel were merciless in their attacks.

During this time I was an emotional wreck. Katrina’s kindness and compassion, combined with her stellar communication and response times was the one thing that has kept me sane. Unlike other attorneys, you can talk to Katrina any time. You can ask her anything. You will get a detailed response almost immediately.

Her documentation is the most detailed I have ever seen. She remembers everything you tell her and uses it to protect you. Her document organization and technical skills are top-notch. Her knowledge of the law, including obscure case law, is a weapon your opponent should be very afraid of. She is always on time, meeting every deadline, and she will make every attempt at saving you money on litigation. She and her assistants are incredibly resourceful in discovering hidden information and assets. She has a hawk’s eye for spotting inconsistencies and lies in her opponent’s testimonies.

What was the end result of my case when we went to trial in front of a King County Superior Court Judge? WE WON. Plain and simple. We won, and I was awarded thousands of dollars. Katrina’s attention to detail and clarity in explaining the important points to the court have prevented my ex from ruining my life.

I am forever indebted to Katrina for protecting me from the false allegations of my ex, for protecting my career and my future and for exposing the truth. But most importantly, I am incredibly grateful to her for providing me with peace of mind in what I can only describe as the darkest time of my life. Her genuine compassion from the beginning and until the very end was the thing that helped me keep my head up and eventually come out on top.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!

AnonymousJuly 30, 2015

Katrina is one of the best lawyers I have met. I was in a relationship which was ended by my wife while I was out of country for 3 months without my knowledge and court granted her divorce based on her statement that I ran away from house without telling her and all this was based on false facts. I came to US and she refused to let me in house, I was totally unaware that I am divorced already which I finds out 6 months later. I was on a conditional green card based on marriage to US citizen, and the statements she gave to court made me a liar and impacts my history of immigration or records in this country.

The green card was not as much of my concern as the correction of wrong facts that were presented in court against me and are documented. Katrina helped me in both cases under family law and immigration and in both cases she successfully made the court overturn the decisions against me and set forth the facts right. The nightmare of my life does not ends there because now I have to fight immigration case and Katrina was the one who have succeeded in proving my side to immigration as well and did everything she could to save my status in US.

The best thing about her is that she is always available to talk and answer any question you have at any time possible. I always got prompt replies to my email and regular updates to my case every other day or week. I was able to meet her whenever I want to talk or discuss something. She is very hard working lawyer and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs help with Family, Immigration or both cases.

G SinghAugust 13, 2015

I hired Katrina to represent me in a prenuptial agreement that, mercifully, my fiance dropped after the first draft. But I was fully confident that Katrina would see to it that the agreement included everything that was due to me. She closely read and thoughtfully responded to the draft my fiance’s attorney submitted, patiently consulted with me when it was most convenient for me, and was so encouraging in our meetings that it was often therapeutic. She helped to redeem a brief but miserable process; I expect I’ll look back on this month-long interval a few months ahead of my wedding and remember how supportive–even thoughtful– Katrina was. My fiance was acquainted with his attorney previously and, though they had a good rapport, he grew to “hate” (his word) his attorney’s merciless approach to me/my best interest. Katrina, on the other hand, was respectful and reasonable in regard to the opposing party.

What other good things can I say?: Her rate is competitive. She communicated clearly with me. She was accessible, prompt, and thorough in responding to me and the other party. She used her expertise to fully advocate for me. I can’t recommend her more highly.

JenniferMay 16, 2017