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Family Law - Katrina S. Zafiro

Family Law

Passionately Protecting Your Rights

The family serves as the bedrock of society and the foundation of our personal lives. Practicing family law is among the most sacred legal responsibilities an attorney could ever have.

When it comes to your family, it’s impossible to be neutral or detached. This is why family law matters are highly emotional situations. As a family law attorney, my ultimate goal is to be your advocate as you navigate this difficult period in your life.

I can assist you with in these areas:

Premarital (Prenuptial) Agreements and Post-Marital (Postnuptial) Agreements

Properly drafted premarital agreements can serve as a solid foundation for your marriage. They clarify expectations, put you both on the same page financially, and diminish misconceptions that could otherwise cause problems later. I help make that happen by drafting clear and concise agreements, making sure neither party has any misconceptions before beginning married life.

Post-marital agreements accomplish the same purpose, but they are put together during your marriage. I will help you draft an agreement that helps shape the division of property and spousal support if a divorce or legal separation ever occurs.

Validity of Marriage

Sometimes, a declaration of invalidity (also known as annulment in some jurisdictions) is the recommended way to end a marriage, especially when immigration matters are involved.

I am one of the few attorneys with in-depth experience in such cases. I can and will advise you on whether annulment is the appropriate solution for you.

Legal Separation

Legal separation differs from divorce in that you and your spouse remain legally married but the court will still enter orders pertaining to child custody, visitation, spousal support, and property and debt division.

If legal separation is the appropriate way to deal with a difficult marriage, and it’s more suited to your particular family dynamic, I will walk you through the necessary steps.


Divorce is a trying and emotionally exhausting experience for everyone involved. I understand this, which is why I represent my clients with the emotional sensitivity and understanding that their case deserves.

However, divorce also demands more than just an understanding attorney. In contentious divorces, aggressive legal advocacy is necessary to protect a client’s rights. Zafiro Law always fights for the rights of clients by any legal means to ensure the client’s legal rights are protected.

Parentage/Paternity Action

The state of Washington’s family law courts operate under the presumption it is in a child’s best interests for both parents to have an active presence in a child’s life. Zafiro Law holds this view as well, which is why we represent clients looking to establish paternity.

Whether you are an unmarried father looking to establish paternity or are a mother who wishes to determine paternity through a DNA test, Zafiro Law will provide legal guidance and support throughout the process. I can also assist where a disestablishment of parentage is the issue.

Child Support Modifications

When necessary, child support payments must be modified and increased to ensure the child’s needs are being met. When such a need arises, parents can count on Zafiro Law to fight for their child’s right to receive the financial support they need.

Parenting Plan Modifications

It sometimes happens that parenting plans have to be modified for the good of the children and the family as a whole. If you face such a situation, I will use my qualifications and experience to ensure that the resulting modifications are in your children’s best interests. If your rights as a parent must be protected and defended, Zafiro Law is ready to do so.

Protection Orders, Restraining Orders and Anti-Harassment Orders in Situations Involving Domestic Violence

Domestic violence affects millions of Americans every year. It fractures families and can destroy lives. If you are being threatened or harassed by a family member or a current/former romantic partner, Zafiro Law can help you obtain the protection you need by securing one or more of these orders:

  • Protection orders
  • Restraining orders
  • Anti-harassment orders

These orders provide protect domestic partners and children, and I will make sure these protections are put in place.

I can also help you in defending false allegations of domestic violence and harassment.

Division of Property and Assets

As a community property state, Washington law dictates that the court must divide a couple’s property fairly and equitably. You deserve to receive your fair share of the marital estate that compensates you for your marital contributions.

I will protect your best interests at each stage of the property and asset division process.

Division of Debts and Liabilities

Like property and assets, marital debts and liabilities must be fairly shared. Marriage is a joint venture, and when the marriage breaks down, the onus should not be on one spouse to carry the load.

I will make sure that your financial burdens are not inequitable and unfair under Washington law.  

International Divorces

Does your spouse reside outside the United States? A nonresident spouse and even marital property in a foreign country can complicate a divorce, but Zafiro Law has successfully represented many clients dealing with an international divorce, and will do the same for you.

Property Settlement Agreements

A property settlement agreement allows you and your spouse decide how you want to divide marital property. This is a much better option than leaving the decision in the hands of a court that does not understand your relationship or its dynamics. Zafiro Law will help you draft a fair and equitable property settlement agreement that gives you what you need for the future.

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