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G Singh - Katrina S. Zafiro

G Singh

Katrina is one of the best lawyers I have met. I was in a relationship which was ended by my wife while I was out of country for 3 months without my knowledge and court granted her divorce based on her statement that I ran away from house without telling her and all this was based on false facts. I came to US and she refused to let me in house, I was totally unaware that I am divorced already which I finds out 6 months later. I was on a conditional green card based on marriage to US citizen, and the statements she gave to court made me a liar and impacts my history of immigration or records in this country.

The green card was not as much of my concern as the correction of wrong facts that were presented in court against me and are documented. Katrina helped me in both cases under family law and immigration and in both cases she successfully made the court overturn the decisions against me and set forth the facts right. The nightmare of my life does not ends there because now I have to fight immigration case and Katrina was the one who have succeeded in proving my side to immigration as well and did everything she could to save my status in US.

The best thing about her is that she is always available to talk and answer any question you have at any time possible. I always got prompt replies to my email and regular updates to my case every other day or week. I was able to meet her whenever I want to talk or discuss something. She is very hard working lawyer and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs help with Family, Immigration or both cases.

G SinghAugust 13, 2015